“I remember going to purchase office equipment one day with Heidi. We sat across from each other at one of the desks and dreamt about how cool it’d be to start a media company together. Eight years of working on multiple projects and business collaborations later, that’s now become a reality.” – Truc Allen

On one of his trips to Squamish, BC, Truc ran into Marc Bourguignon, a long time climbing friend, ski partner, and who at the time was on an indefinite climbing roadtrip across America (he’s still traveling). While climbing in the boulderfield they tossed around ideas of collaborating together by utilizing each others’ skillsets. Marc, working freelance on the road, and Truc with his and Heidi’s dream in mind then realized the opportunity had arrived. Thus began FlowStone Media – an organic step towards working with talented and like minded individuals that share the zeal and commitment for a life less ordinary.

In collaborating with Heidi (Probos Creative) and Marc (The Gnar Wall Photography and Marc Bourguignon Web Development), they created the company with the belief that authenticity doesn’t come from just desktop research and a creative background, but actually living the experiences that define and shape it.

As a company of lifelong outdoor enthusiasts specializing in adventure based photography, graphic design, and web development our work goes beyond just four walls and we understand the need for realistic and sensible interaction on a human level.

FlowStone Media is committed to the innovation of creative solutions, being true to our relationships, and placing fulfilment as the top priority in ours and your projects.


truc allen
heidi allen
marc bourguignon
Seeking a life in the outdoors has always been my biggest goal ever since I was sitting in kindergarten and all the other kids were talking about becoming doctors, lawyers, actors, and presidents. Now, a few decades later, I’m still aspiring to find ways to get myself outside even more. In starting FlowStone Media, while it doesn’t necessarily send me outside, it’s an integration of my professional work and representation of my passion for the outdoors and the lifestyles we live.

As the outdoor industry slowly but surely becomes an identifiable component to the country’s economy, my goal for FlowStone Media is to bring real representation to the growing industry. With over 26 years of experience in the outdoor space; from climbing, backcountry ski mountaineering, whitewater kayaking, to manufacturing, retail, photo/graphic design, and adventure programming, I’m driven more than ever to contribute to the industry’s growth.

Truc holds the current positions of Cascade Section Chair for the American Alpine Club, Board Member for the Washington Climbers Coalition, and Advisory Board Member for the Karma Project in Nepal. After wrapping up his time in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona University, Truc continued on with careers serving in director and management roles within the marketing, adventure, guiding, manufacturing, and retail industries.
I truly enjoy creating. Helping others bring their ideas to life is a driving passion. I am able to combine my professional expertise in creative marketing and brand strategy with a lifetime of outdoor adventure to devise innovative, yet relevant solutions. I do some of my best conceptualizing outdoors on my (snow and paddle) boards, or over a craft beer or two.
Inspiring others to get out and follow their passions brings me incredible fulfillment. Be it through photography, design, web – there are endless mediums to touch the world. I love the experience of taking an idea and turning it into reality.

Marc graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He’s worked at Pattern Insight and Microsoft building web apps and tools, and most recently has been working as a freelance web developer while traveling and climbing around North America. When he isn’t working you’ll find Marc with chalk on his hands or a burger in his mouth.

FlowStone Media: Born in the pursuit of adventure.